Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Accident Referral Network: The Last Chiropractor - Some Choice Words Around Spinal Treatment

Accident Referral Network: The Last Chiropractor - Some Choice Words Around Spinal Treatment

Chiropractor offices often face specific challenges related to outreach and patient education. That’s why a lot of these kinds of medical businesses use an accident referral network or third party personal injurytelemarketing services, or other kinds of marketing and outreach support. Along with these outsourcing strategies, chiropractors also brainstorm new ways to introduce new patients to what they do, and innovative narratives that explain the true role of spinal treatment to the public.

Mike Headlee’s ‘The Last Chiropractor’ blog highlighted some of these novel types of narrative demonstrations early in 2012. Posting from Marietta, Georgia, The Last Chiropractor highlights a lot of the challenges that these types of providers face and how they fit into a larger medical industry.

Real-Life Chiropractic Explanation

“Has anyone ever asked you to explain chiropractic?” writes TLC. “Have you been in a situation where you are explaining chiropractic to someone, but it seems like you’re going in circles?”
To deal with this kind of challenge, TLC suggests starting with a person’s hobbies or personal interests. By building a personal profile, the chiropractor or person explaining the chiropractic industry can tie this information into the many ways that spinal injuries or inadequate spinal support can impact the only function.

In detailing many of these “body/activity” links, TLC explains how a process called “subluxation,” which involves the subtle misalignment of the spinal column and pinched nerves, can impair individuals in various ways and how chiropractors serve patients by helping them to alleviate these kinds of erratic nerve signals.

The Last Chiropractor follows up by writing out the chiropractor’s explanation of their role: “When we remove nerve interference, your body will function and perform better on every level.” writes TLC. “Good things happen.” The post goes on to talk about how modern treatments can benefit an individual or a family, whether or not individual patients are aware of their injuries.

PI Telemarketing: Partnerships for Outreach

The excellent input from these types of blogs is just one example of how professional chiropractors keep each other informed and involved in bringing their message to a larger audience. This is, in some ways, a lot like what personal injury telemarketing firms or other services do. With the Accident Referral Network, dedicated PI Telemarketing crews will be bringing a particular practice message to patients in a local community, helping them to understand what kinds of spinal damage they may have and how these can be treated. These kinds of third party services provide essential help to a small chiropractic office that wants to become a long-term presence in a local area. For any chiropractic office or clinic that’s not experiencing the kinds of steady patient traffic that help providers to grow, it’s a good idea to get involved in planning a new outreach campaign to get the message out to more patients, that chiropractic help is going to be a critical part of an overall health plan throughout a person’s life.