Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Looking at Sports Injury

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Looking at Sports Injury

Among the many different kinds of chiropractic offices operating around the country, one specific category of care may not receive the same kind of attention as other services offered by general chiropractic wellness centers. Nevertheless, sports injury care is a major part of the chiropractic field. Athletes experience a wide range of injuries in the course of playing contact sports or striving for top performance in a range of other sports, and generally extending their body abilities over time.
With that in mind, at the Accident Referral Network, we look at how chiropractors use specific kinds of marketing, including sports injury marketing, to build their practices from the ground up and to attract new patients in a local area. Our third party personal injury telemarketing service works with chiropractic doctors to enlarge their audiences and get their messages out to the public.

Sports Injury Outreach

A good example of chiropractic sports injury online patient education is prominent in this Pure Chiropractic sports injury blog. Dr. Jason Hare, D.C. talks about the various kinds of ‘shin splints’ or shin pain that runners encounter, while weighing in on a trendy practice called forefoot running as a potentially risky activity.

“If anything,” writes Dr. Hare, “I see an increase in difficult-to-treat forefoot joint problems in forefoot runners in my chiropractic clinic in Nanaimo.”
In addition, Dr. Hare talks about using elements like vitamin D for better sports health, and about some major dangers of seasonal sports such as skiing, where an accident on the slopes can twist the spine and cause severe types of injuries.

“Many a chiropractor are kept busy during the winter months treating skiing injuries,” writes Dr. Hare, including us.” Dr. Hare adds a six point plan for avoiding skiing injuries, including good warm-up activities and core stability, as well as common-sense acknowledgement of limitations and not overextending the body’s natural range of motion.

By keeping a range of informative and periodically updated content on the site, chiropractic doctors ensure that patients have useful information when they visit, and that they will be impressed with the online marketing materials, staying engaged in seeking out care and contacting the practice.

Personal Injury Telemarketing: Adding an Extended Reach to Existing Marketing Tools

At the AccidentReferral Network, we help chiropractic doctors to expand their horizons. Having an internal marketing blog is a great idea for nearly any kind of practice, but too often, these carefully built and painstakingly designed resources don’t get to enough people. That’s why we built our top class third party personal injury telemarketing service that combines high-tech equipment with skilled and experienced workers who can direct patients toward qualified care in a local community. Doctors can contact us to talk about a service that can have a “multiplier effect” on the good in-house outreach that a practice does, and how a customized program can provide critical assistance for the years ahead.