Thursday, August 22, 2013

Personal Injury Telemarketing: Ohio Chiropractor Patient Outreach

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Ohio Chiropractor Patient Outreach

How do professional chiropractors get through the challenges of finding new patients and explaining why their services are important in a community? At the Accident Referral Network, we are always looking at the best ways to help practices to do multi-channel outreach and how all sorts of new media opportunities can help. In addition to using our effective personal injury telemarketing service to bring in new patients, doctors are also using social media venues and other digital or online tools to ramp up their presence in a community. A Business Resource

Right now, the brand is perhaps most familiar for CEO Tim Armstrong’s impromptu canning of Abel Lenz, which ended up reaching a global audience. However, one thing that gets overlooked is that “the Patch” can also be a viable way for a local business to talk about a community and integrate its message into greater message about where people live. One excellent example of this is in the Canton, Ohio Patch where Dr. Michael Rauch has contributed various posts that mix local current events with helpful health information. In a series of February 2012 posts Dr. Rauch talks about a walking club starting up in Canton, and links that to some very specific suggestions about how to practice the low-impact and healthful activity of simply walking around town. Dr. Rauch has even gone a step further and integrated these public events with free chiropractic screenings for participants. This really sticks out to us in terms of the most practical ways to get a chiropractic brand in front of more people. Using public events this way is a very underutilized type of marketing. In fact, it really blurs the line between marketing and simple community participation. In the same ways that big corporations give large philanthropic contributions to communities, professional chiropractors can offer their services in ways that help individual local residents to live better and stay healthy longer.

Augmenting Internal Business Messaging with Personal Injury Telemarketing

It’s a great ideas to reach out to a community with online blogs and other resources, but sadly, that’s not always the complete solution for getting business visibility. Even with the best outreach, it can be hard to get a chiropractic brand in front of the right people. Accident victims or other patients aren’t always patrolling the Internet to latch onto the best professional messaging. That can create serious problems for a practice that desperately needs more attention to stay profitable. For any practice that has trouble maintaining a healthy patient roster, the Accident Referral Network can help. This personal injury telemarketing business has a long track record of partnering with doctors to bring in the volume of patients that will keep the doors open and keep a chiropractic business profitable, so that doctors can focus on providing superior patient care.          

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